About Us

The QV Story

Australian made and owned, QV Skincare is a true Australian success story. Built on a foundation of hard work and innovative thinking, the gentle, pure formulations of QV Skincare has ensured that it has risen from humble origins to become one of Australia’s favourite skincare brands for all types of skin.

In the beginning

In response to a request from the dermatology ward of Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Hospital, well known chemist Gerald Oppenheim created a specialist skincare product that would later become known as QV Bath Oil (named in honour of the hospital). Favoured for its soft, gentle formula, QV Bath Oil became extremely popular, and three short years later was made available for sale in Australian pharmacies, cementing the QV name and brand in the minds and hearts of Australians looking for a gentle way to cleanse and moisturise their skin.

(QV hospital photoed by Graeme Butler)

QV and Ego

QV Skincare is the brainchild of Ego Pharmaceuticals (Ego), which was founded in 1953 by young chemist, Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse. Together, they saw a need for low irritant skincare products to help restore and maintain healthy looking skin. It was this thought process that led to the birth of QV Skincare in 1975. With no soap, fragrance or other common irritants, QV Skincare supports the skin to naturally repair itself. Today, QV Skincare remains suitable for everyday use for everyone from babies or infants to the adults.

QV Now

Almost four decades after the birth of QV Skincare, the name QV remains synonymous with quality and innovation. An iconic Australian brand trusted by generations to cleanse and moisturise dry sensitive skin, QV Skincare is embraced by people wanting soothing products for their dry skin, or practical, gentle skincare for everyday use.

Still proudly family owned and Australian made, there are now more than 50 QV products sold in more than 20 nations across the world. And with well over 50 million units sold, QV is as gentle for sensitive skin today as it was in 1975."

With an eye on the future, QV Skincare is always innovating to provide new products to its legion of satisfied customers. A leader in its field for more than 55 years, parent company Ego is continuing to influence the industry with the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative skincare product ranges, of which QV Skincare is but one.