Nicotinamide has been added to the formulation of QV Baby Skin Lotion and QV Baby Moisturising Cream due to the following characteristics...

Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3, plays an active role in the maintenance of normal skin barrier function as well as skin repair.1 Within moisturisers, Nicotinamide is able to provide both basic dry skin relief and support skin barrier function to defend against factors which can contribute to skin sensitivity.Nicotinamide has been shown to have many benefits in topical applications, including;

-          The anti-inflammatory properties of Nicotinamide have been demonstrated, particularly in acne cases.2

-          Use of topical Nicotinamide has demonstrated a reduction in red blotchiness3, skin yellownessand hyper-pigmentation. 3

-          An evident reduction in TEWL.4

-          Increased stratum corneum hydration. 4


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