Making baby bath time special

Making baby bath time special

Here are some helpful hints to make bath time with your baby a fun experience for both of you.

Now that your baby has arrived, you will find that baby bath time will become a regular routine.

However, if this is your first baby, bath time may seem very new. Here are some helpful hints to make bath time with your baby a fun experience for both of you.

Frequency of bathing

In the early months, there aren’t too many opportunities for a baby to get themselves very messy as their range of movement and environment is limited. This means that you will only need to bathe your baby a couple of times per week depending on the weather. Between these bathing days, or even before the umbilical cord has detached, you may like to gently sponge your baby down.

Types of bath vessels

Although there are a variety of baby baths available to purchase, do not think that you necessarily need anything fancy. Some parents even bathe their baby in a sink – just be sure to move any hot taps away from baby. If you have chosen to use a baby bath, it may be useful to place the baby bath on a bench or stand so that you will be in a more comfortable standing position while bathing your baby. Wherever you decide to give your baby a bath, ensure that the room is warm and comfortable.

Equipment you will need for your baby’s bath

It is best to come prepared with all the necessary products and equipment for your baby’s bath.

Make sure that you have everything you will need at your disposal, as you will not be able to let baby out of your hands once they are in the bath. Some of the items that you may want to have available during bath time include a gentle baby cleanser, a washcloth, baby shampoo, towels and any of your favourite baby moisturisers. Also, ensure that you have a fresh nappy and baby clothes ready to dress your baby after their bath.

Bath water

There is a special technique to fill baby’s bath. Usually, you should only need a couple of inches of water which should be around 37 degrees Celsius. It may be helpful to purchase a thermometer to measure the right bath temperature. It is also important to test the temperature of the water with the sensitive area inside your wrist, to be safe. But most importantly, remember to never leave a baby in the bath alone.

Holding your baby in the bath

This may be a tricky part for some new parents. It is important to keep a steady arm to support your baby throughout bathing, especially under the back, head and neck. If you have any concern, nurses are a great resource for information on how to hold and support your baby during the bathing process. Once your baby is secure in your arms, lower them slowly into the water. Now you will be able to use a cleanser and washcloth to gently wash baby, making sure to clean every area thoroughly. There is also an option to use a small amount of gentle baby shampoo if your baby has some hair.

Baby fun in the bath

Bath time can also serve as a chance for your baby to relax and enjoy their time in the water. While you are bathing your baby, try gently splashing some water to play with them to help them enjoy their bath time. Singing and drizzling water over baby are other good options.

After bathing

Taking the same care as when lowering your baby into the bath, carefully lift your baby out of the bath. Take note that your baby may be slippery so it is best to wrap hands around the baby’s chest firmly, underneath their arms and lift them out to quickly wrap them in a towel. Lay your baby on a flat surface and dry their body and head thoroughly. This is a great opportunity to apply some baby moisturiser, or apply a nappy cream to any areas that may be experiencing common skin ailments.

Redress your baby and enjoy them being fresh and clean!

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