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QV No. 1

 recommended brand for dry and sensitive skin by Australian Dermatologists**

**ACA Research, Sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals, OTC skincare for Dry and Sensitive Skin, n = 30 (Australian Dermatologists), June 2021.  The individual featured is a model, not a medical doctor.  The above is not professional medical advice, please consult your dermatologist if necessary.

QV Baby Moisturising Cream

0% Fragrance, common irritants. Dermatologist recommended.

  • QV Gentle Wash

    Gentle, soap-free cleanser for delicate skin
  • QV Cream

    Highly concentrated moisturising cream for dry skin
  • QV Baby Bath Oil

    Water dispersible oil to cleanse & moisturise daily
  • QV Baby Nappy Cream

    A soothing barrier cream to help protect sensitive skin against irritation.

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