Normal Skin and Dry Skin | QV Skincare Hong Kong

Normal and Dry Skin

Normal skin tends to have a balance of water and oils and not be easily irritated; Dry skin tends to have  a reduced level of moisture, can feel rough to touch, may look mildly flaky on the surface and be dull in appearance.

  • QV Wash

    Soap-free cleanser for every body, everyday.
  • QV Skin Lotion

    Non-greasy lotion for dry skin.
  • QV Hand Cream

    Nourishing moisturiser for your hands
  • QV Baby Bath Oil

    A water dispersible bath oil that gently cleanses and moisturises.
  • QV Baby Gentle Wash

    Gentle, soap-free cleanser for delicate skin
  • QV Baby Skin Lotion

    Replenishes and soothes baby’s dry delicate skin