Squalane | QV Skincare Indonesia


Squalane has been included in the QV Baby Moisturising Cream and QV Baby Skin Lotion formulas due to the following characteristics....

Squalane is a component of the skin’s sebum which occurs naturally1 and is able to mix with the skin lipids, aiding the spreading of these lipids and helping to enhance the moisturising effect.2 3 As an occlusive component, Squalane forms an external layer on the surface of the skin which helps to reduce TEWL4 while leaving the skin supple without a greasy feel.2

Squalane has been shown to;

-          Assist in the reduction of TEWL.4

-          Leave skin feeling supple without greasiness. 2

-          Be safe for skin prone to sensitivity. 5

-          Be non-comedogenic, anti-bacterial and odorless. 5


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