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QV Body Cleansers

Soap can strip away the skin's layer of protective oils leading to dry, irritated skin. QV's gentle cleansers with no added soap will help maintain the skin's natural protective properties and have a reduced chance of irritating the skin.  

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  • Skin Type
    • Combination
    • Oily
    • Normal
    • Sensitive
    • Dry
    • Very Dry
    • Extremely Dry
    • Eczema Prone
    • Remove
    • Kill
    • Defend
    • Acne Prone
    • Hairy
    • Ageing
  • QV Wash

    A lightly foaming, pH balanced cleanser for everyday use.
  • QV Gentle Wash

    This gentle, pH-balanced cleanser is ideal for use morning and night to help remove and prevent the build-up of sweat and excess oils.
  • QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser

    This gentle, moisturiser enriched cleanser contains a high level of glycerin to help maintain skin hydration during cleansing.