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Did you know that even in humid climates, such as Indonesia's, skin can lack hydration?

The skin in humid climates

High humidity areas, like Indonesia, can have a negative effect on skin barrier function, as outlined below:

  • increased sweating (loss of moisture)
  • lower skin pH

Dramatic changes in humidity - such as moving from a very humid outdoor environment to a temperature controlled building - may cause the skin to lose more moisture than normal.²

When the skin is not properly hydrated, the outermost skin cells become shriveled, leading to dry, flaky skin and a disrupted skin barrier.

A disrupted skin barrier is also more susceptible to irritants.⁴

A disrupted skin barrier can result in:

Skin hydration is the process of increasing water content of the skin by drawing in and trapping moisture

QV is scientifically formulated to cleanse and hydrate and has the following features and benefits:

• Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores

• Dermatologically tested

• pH Balanced

• Vegan friendly#^ and not tested on animals#

• Gentle formulations – to reduce the chance of skin irritation

QV has no added:

• Fragrance

• Colour

• Soap

QV helps:

• Reduce skin dryness

• Reduce TEWL

• Visibly rejuvenate skin

• Visibly increase skin suppleness

• Maintain skin barrier function

Humectants, Emollients, Occludents

There are 3 distinct types of moisturising ingredients: humectants, emollients, and occludents. 

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Why Use a Cleanser with no added soap?

Those of us with dry or sensitive skin are often advised to use a cleanser with no added soap and avoid soap. But why? What exactly are alternatives with no added soap, and how do they work if they don’t have soap in them?


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^QV products in Indonesia do not contain animal-derived ingredients

#Applicable to QV products