QV Body Moisturisers

Moisturise sensitive skin with one of QV’s gentle moisturisers immediately after cleansing can help hydrate your skin and help seal in its natural moisture to stop it drying out.

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  • Skin Type
    • Combination
    • Oily
    • Normal
    • Sensitive
    • Dry
    • Very Dry
    • Extremely Dry
    • Eczema Prone
    • Remove
    • Kill
    • Defend
    • Acne Prone
    • Hairy
    • Ageing
  • QV Skin Lotion

    Non-greasy lotion for dry or sensitive skin.
  • QV Cream

    Highly concentrated moisturising cream for dry skin.
  • QV Intensive Moisturiser

    Soothing moisture for extremely dry and sensitive skin.
  • QV Intensive Cream

    For extremely dry, sensitive skin
  • QV Intensive with Ceramides Cream

    Helps soothe dry, itchy skin and support the skin barrier
  • QV Hand Cream

    Nourishes and moisturises your hands. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • QV Heel Balm

    Bring rough, dry and cracked heels back to life.