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QV Body Cleansers

Soap cleansers can strip away your skin’s natural protective oils, leaving it dry and irritated. QQV’s gentle, soap-free cleansers won’t strip away your skin’s natural protective oils,  and are pH balanced and less likely to irritate. 


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  • Skin Type
    • Combination
    • Oily
    • Normal
    • Sensitive
    • Dry
    • Very Dry
    • Extremely Dry
    • Eczema Prone
    • Remove
    • Kill
    • Defend
    • Acne Prone
    • Hairy
    • Ageing
  • QV Bar

    The smart alternative to soap.
  • QV Bath Oil

    Relieves dry or sensitive skin in bath
  • QV Gentle Wash

    Gentle, soap-free cleanser for delicate skin
  • QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser

    Gentle, soap-free cleansing for very dry and sensitive skin.
  • QV Intensive with Ceramides Hydrating Body Wash

    Clinically proven to help reinforce skin barrier.
  • QV Flare Up Wash

    A gentle cleansing formulation to help relieve atopic eczema.