Ceramides in products

Diving a little deeper into ceramide-enriched products

In a nutshell, the very top layer of your skin is the epidermis, and the topmost layer of that is the stratum corneum. This topmost layer provides a barrier, keeping moisture in and environmental irritants out.1 In atopic dermatitis, this topmost layer is deficient in some of its key components – the particularly ceramides – so it struggles to keep moisture trapped inside.  Atopic dermatitis is commonly referred to as eczema.2

"Lipid ratio. The lipid matrix that holds the barrier layer together is made up of 40-50% ceramides, but it also contains cholesterol (25%) and free fatty acids (10–15%).3  These three lipids are needed to maintain the barrier layer.4"

Research has shown that adding ceramides to moisturisers and can help manage dryness and itchiness of helps to improve eczema-prone skin.

"What do ceramide products do?

One study investigated the use of a ceramide-containing moisturiser and cleanser in people with atopic dermatitis.5 They were instructed to use both a ceramide-containing moisturiser and a ceramide-containing cleanser twice a day for six weeks.  

Adding ceramides to moisturisers and can help manage dryness and itchiness of eczema-prone skin. Which is why Ego has worked so hard to develop a ceramide-containing moisturiser and cleanser specially formulated to help people with dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin."


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