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QV Face

QV Face is a comprehensive cleansing and moisturising range,  free from fragrance and uses ingredients such as Enhanced PCa+™, Avemide 15™, Vitamin B3 Complex, and Safflower Oil to help look after your facial skin. The result is visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant looking skin. 

QV Face For All Seasons

Popular QV Fave Products

QV Face Gentle Ultra Calming Moisturiser

Gentle enough to use every day, QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser is a 24 hour hydrating moisturiser which contains Avemide 15™, an Oat Kernel Extract, that reduces discomfort and helps calm and soothe the skin.
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QV Face Rescue Gel

QV Face Rescue Gel is specially designed for sensitive and irritated skin
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QV Face Oil Free Moisturiser

Specifically formulated for oily and combination skin
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